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My IBS Journey


I was always a "normal" person, until 2 years ago.  After taking a 3-month cycyle of an anti-fungal for a funky toenail, I began to develop a whole host of unexplained digestive issues.

After visiting with 2 primary care doctors, and 2 GI specialists, I was given the diagnosis of "IBS-C" and advised that I would have to take more prescription medications to manage my symptoms.

I found this path unsatisfactory, as it was aimed at treating the symptoms, rather than the core issue.  After much research, I was lucky enough to discover the whole world of FODMAPs and low FODMAP eating.  It is the only strategy I have found to manage my IBS.

I have always been a cook (35+ years in the kitchen so far!).  Once settling on this diet as a path forward, I set out to create recipes that allow the rest of my family to enjoy eating without being impacted by my dietary issues.

I hope you enjoy the journey!  I am happy to share what I have learned along the way.

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